Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ella-Bear Bowtique is Moving!

The Marine Corps has handed down orders to my husband for a new duty station. We are excited as a family to have the opportunity to move to new and different places to experience what different parts of this great country has to offer.

I will be taking some time off from my Etsy shop and my Hyena Cart shop on America’s Handmade Homefront to prepare for our move.
That means I’ll be closing up shop briefly. Or in my case, packing up shop briefly. Both my shops on Etsy and America’s Handmade Homefront will close up on November 21st 2008.
This is no way means that I am not coming back! I just need some time to pack up our household, drive it to our new duty station and unpack it all and start to settle in to our new surroundings. We should be unpacked and settled by December 10th, just in time for America’s Handmade Homefront’s December 15th stocking. In the mean time you can check out my blog at
Ella-Bear Bowtique on Blogger for updates on our move and sneak peaks at upcoming products.

Be sure to catch America’s Handmade Homefront’s December 15th stocking for great new items and fantastic re-opening discounts from Ella-Bear Bowtique.

Thank you to all my wonderful customers for your kind words and support with my move. I’ll be very happy to be settled and to get back to work creating more fun and beautiful items for you in December!