Monday, October 27, 2008

Knit and Crochet Lovelies

Some of you may or may not be aware of the fact that I can knit and crochet. I've actually been doing those two crafts longer than making hair bows. My talent in the area isn't even close to impressive but it does what I need it to do for me. Give me relaxation and something to do with my hands while watching Brothers and Sisters every Sunday night.

Here are some the knitters and crochet folks that I am impressed with and some of their fabulous creations.

This first seller I have purchased my daughter's hat from and even a few hats for my best friend's new baby but I have yet to purchase a hat for myself. It's on my Christmas list I sent my mom so hopefully she listens. TwoSeasideBabes work is flawlessly beautiful. What exactly from her shop is on my wish list. The ever popular buckle beanie she has. It's a definate favorite of mine.

The next yarn lovelie I'm going to display is another absolute favorite of mine. The knitted rug. Let me tell you, these things are not easy to find in the handmade community. The talent and time that goes into these pieces is amazing and Fafnir's rendition surely doesn't disappoint. Their entire shop is chaulk full of beautiful fiber art pieces.

Lastly I want to feature a seller that is not only on Etsy but also on Hyena Cart as a vendor on America's Handmade Homefront, HomemadeZen. I asolutely love her stuffed lovies. My favorite is this cloud brooch she has both in her Etsy shop and at America's Handmade Homefront. It is just too cute for words and would make an awsome gift for that quirky and fun person on your list this year.

I of course have LOTS of other crochet and knit items that I fancy. Other shops include Bethjt, MooseThreads, Buddlebub Creations on Inspired and CraftyAnna.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christmas Wish List

What's on my Christmas wish list this year? A whole bunch of beautiful items from Etsy.

For my walls I would love one of these beautiful family plaques from ASimpleImpression.

And also one of these awsome magnet boards from Polarity.

For my kitchen a much needed butter keeper from JimandGina. It's semi embarassing to admit that my own butter currently resides on a plate with a bowl sitting over it.

For my bedroom I'd love this cool duvet set from NightByrd

And for my bod, this beautiful shirt from Heirloom08

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vote for me!

The Etsy Homefront Team is having their winter challenge and I've entered a snowman themed hair bow.

Last challenge my poor headband didn't get ANY votes! I would love to get at least one on this one. So please click on over to and vote for me by leaving a comment with my shop name Ella-Bear Bowtique and my winter themed bow as your choice. You'll make my day!

And be sure to check back and see which one of the fabulous items entered wins our challenge because they'll be the first seller with their products on display for the Homefront Team exclusive gift buying guide trunk show! You won't want to miss it!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Making your handmade soap last longer.

I've recently jumped on the handmade soap band wagon and am thoroughly enjoying it. There is so much variety to choose from between Etsy and Hyena Cart. My two favorite soap makers right now are Mommy's Little Helper and Smokey Mountain Scents. I currently have pumpkin spice soap and kaldis dance coffee kitchen soap beside my kitchen sink. Kaldi's dance coffee soap gets all those nasty smells out of my skin from cooking like garlic and onion. The pumpkin spice gives my hands a wonderful scent that I associate with the current season. So it's a very nice balance.

But I noticed that they were leaving soap marks on my kitchen sink and I was frustrated with having to wipe it day after day. My solution to the problem came while I was browsing on Hyena Cart one day. I found these deluxe wood soap decks from Faith Acre Farmgoods.

Not only are they attractive and a fantastic price at only $4 with free shipping but they extend the life of your handmade soap by whisking water away from your soap so you don't get that filmy residue. I bought several and are now using them throughout my house to hold my Smokey Mountain Scents and Mommy's Little Helper's soaps and absolutely love them!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Nature Hikes

With the weather cooling down my family and I have gotten ourselves out of the house and into nature more frequently.
The Virginia summers are hot and humid. Being from Michigan, hot and humid don't sit well with us. We thrive in the cooler weather like we're having now and are taking full advantage of it by going on nature hikes as a family.

My children absolutely love the outdoors and all the dirt, bugs and animals it has to offer. My husband and I enjoy this time out not only as great time spent with our family but also to use it as an educational time to teach our kids about the various plants and creatures we encounter.

It is fun watching their excitement as they discover different flowers, trees, insects and animals. On this particular trip my children had their first encounter with small snakes. There was a small creek with a lovely bridge that crossed it and the creek was so full of life. The snakes were swimming away looking for a place to hide, frogs were hopping and turtles were sitting on logs.

Not only have our nature hikes been a great venue for our children to learn about the outdoors and be active but it has been very beneficial with wearing them out so that they sleep in for us in the morning. I've never been personally against killing two birds with one stone, that's for sure. ;)

This time of year nature hikes are also a great opportunity to explore the changing seasons. To take in all the beautiful colors and wonderful outdoor smells that autumn has to offer. Certainly an opportunity not to be passed up.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Grand Opening of America's Handmade Homefront!

Today is the grand opening of a new selling endeavor for myself and some of the other gals from the Etsy Homefront Team.
We have started a congo on Hyena Cart that consists of 10 shops entirely made up of military spouses.

We're called America's Handmade Homefront and we're offering a nice variety of different items from a variety of wonderful shops.

At America's Handmade Homefront on Hyena Cart you'll find children's clothing, accessories and toys, tastey treats, quilts, home decor, soaps, candles, scrubs, jewelry, crochet items and more!

Our items go live, or become available, today at 3 pm EST. If you check out our blog 3 hours prior to going live, at 12 noon EST today you'll find a list of shops participating in special discounts on Hyena Cart and how to find them.

You'll find a lot of your favorite Etsy Homefront Team sellers at America's Handmade Homefront. Some even have items exclusive to Hyena Cart that you will not find in their Etsy shops!

On our congo you'll find these great shops:

An Army Wife Trends
Ella-Bear Bowtique
Homemade Zen
Love Abounds
Maddie & Me
MayRae Crochet N Knit
Mommy's Little Helper
Smokey Mountain Scents
Teri's Treasure
Tuliptree Baby

So be sure to check out our new congo, America's Handmade Homefront, and help support handmade and military spouses!