Saturday, September 20, 2008

Novelty Clippies

I know you've seen them around on Etsy. The various ribbon scultures/novelty clips. They're cute, unique and look difficult to make. All is true except the latter.
These clips are not difficult to make if you take time to imagine how to make the piece work so that it remains sturdy and functional for actual use in a toddler or young girls hair.

There are a lot of tutorials for sale on Etsy and other ribbon sites that charge you to learn how to make their pieces. I have never purchased any of this tutorials and I have not fashioned my clips after their designs. All of my ribbon sculpture and novelty clips were created through trial and error until I got the exact look I wanted while managing to keep the quality and sturdiness of the clip intact.

I added my first ribbon sculpture piece this past June. This was my first attempt at ribbon sculpture and it took quite a few times to get this piece right. I am more than satisfied with the product and those that have purchased it are as well.

Since this cherry piece I have added a few other to my arsenal. A pumpkin, a present and even a little tree.

I have made other items like a cat, a lolli pop and a bird but their functionality is still be tested and redone to make sure it is the highest quality to remain in tact in your daughter's hair.
I have had customers send me convos asking about the durability of my ribbon sculptures because they have purchased from other Etsy shops where the clips fell apart after the first use.
With Ella-Bear Bowtique ribbon sculptures and novelty clips you are getting a high quality product that will be able to sustain regular wear in your daughter's hair.
I do not put our ribbon sculpture that will fall apart after a few uses. My clips are built to last. If they don't pass the test then they are not put into my shop until the proper changes are made to ensure that they do.

My advice when purchasing ribbon sculpture is to contact the shop owner and ask what they do to ensure the durability of their clips. If they don't do anything or are not willing to answer because they don't want to give their secrets away I would move on to the next shop. Otherwise you just may be wasting your money on a product that won't last.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meet CreationsAnew!

CreationsAnew helped contribute to The World Trade Center United Family Group Inc. by buying some beautiful bows from Ella-Bear Bowtique! Thank you for your contribution.

CreationAnew Photography & Design takes photography to a new level. Offering not only the beautiful photographs themselves but different products featuring the photography. With everything from mouse pads, to calendars and paper weights, CreationsAnew is your one-stop shop for home decor and gifts!

All photography is available in different sizes. You can get a 4 x 6, a 5 x 7 an
8 x 10 or even a mouse pad!
My all time favorite photo from CreationsAnew is the "Old Virginian Shed". There is no doubt that this photo would look beautiful on any one's wall!

Every year I make a new years resolution to keep better organized with my time and activities and I never follow through. I know many of us with Etsy shops need help better planning our daily activities to ensure enough time for work and play. With CreationsAnew's beautiful 2009 desk calendars people like me can finally follow through on their resolution!

Need some inspiration at the office? CreationsAnew's memo pads and paperweights are exactly what you need. You won't mind the daily grind in your cubical if you have these cute notepads to keep notes on.

I personally bought the above notepads and couldn't be happier with the product. I'm giving them as a gift this Christmas and I know my recipient will be more than pleased!

If you're looking for beauty and functionality CreationsAnew Photography & Design is the way to go. With gorgeous photos of flowers, landscapes and more you'll find it's hard to choose just one. And with as many options as she offers for her photography like calendars, paperweights, note pads, postcards and more, you won't have to!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Meet CutesieClips!

CutesieClips helped contribute to The World Trade Center United Family Group Inc. by purchasing some beautiful bows from Ella-Bear Bowtique. Thank you for your contribution!

CutesieClip's goal is to make the world cute one clip at a time. She is well on her way! She specializes in the most adorable felt hair clips you'll find on Etsy hands down. If you can dream it, she can create it. With everything from cute flower clips to the truly unique like this rice bowl with chopsticks clip.

My personal favorites from her shop are her current seasonal items. This scarecrow is perfect for your little one's school Halloween party or that special trip to the pumpkin patch.

Her clips are not only for the young but also the young at heart. With versatile snap clips with non slip material they will work not only in your daughter's barely there hair but also for the mom who has fine or thin hair as well.
CutesieClips designs have endless possibilities. You can go for the ultra cute item for that special little girl in your life or for a design that can transcend age barriers like this cool football clip. Which is perfect for the die hard college football fan, like myself. Go Blue! ;)

At CutesieClips you are sure to find exactly what you're looking for. Something both unique and of extreme quality. CutesieClips creations are definitely a must have on every little girls wish list. And with great prices and fantastic customer service she'll be on every mom's wish list too!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Meet SmokeyMountainScents!

SmokeyMountainScents helped contribute to The World Trade Center United Family Group Inc. by donating directly. Thank you for your contribution!

SmokeyMountainScents is more than just your average soap shop. With a huge selection of soaps, candles, scrubs, tarts and bath bombs in your choice of 89 different scents SmokeyMountainScents is definitely a cut above the rest.

My personal favorites are the current seasonal items she has to offer for Autumn. I recently purchased the Pumpkin Spice Soap and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival.

SmokeyMountainScent's coolest seasonal item has got to be the Candy Corn Soap. It looks and sounds good enough to eat!

She also has Cracklin Wood Wick Candles which seem so warm and inviting. They would, no doubt, make the perfect house warming gift.
Like this cranberry cracklin wood wick scented candle.

Above all, SmokeyMountainScents is the perfect place to buy bath and body items to treat yourself. The sugar and salt scrubs are certainly not to be passed up.
This orchid foaming scrub, with a blend of Jasmine, Muget, Violet, and Lemon, is just what this tired mama needs to treat herself at the end of a hard day at home with the kiddos.

SmokeyMountainScents is more than just a soap shop. It's the ultimate spa experience. The place you'll find all the items you need to relax and treat yourself to a luxurious spa get-away from the comfort of your own bathroom.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Meet TuliptreeBaby!

TuliptreeBaby helped contribute to The World Trade Center United Family Group Inc. by buying a beautiful clippie set from Ella-Bear Bowtique! Thank you for your contribution!

TuliptreeBaby is a horticulturist taking time off to raise her two toddler girls. When she isn't busy chasing children around she's hard at work on her adorable baby shop TuliptreeBaby!

Her shop is full of beautiful and functional baby items like this wet bag. Perfect for cloth diaper mama's on the go or those wet bathing suits after a long day at the beach. A definite must have for any mother with small children.

She even has fantastic Eco-friendly items in her shop like these reusable baby wipes which can also be used as cute and fun wash cloths not only for your little one but also for yourself! They're made of soft minky materials which feels so nice against yours and your babies skin.

Tuliptreebaby is also the woman behind TuliptreePapers. A one-stop-shop for all your paper needs. Her inventory includes mini cards which are perfect for those thank you cards to send out to your Etsy customers. Gift tags for all your gift giving needs. And my personal favorite this cute card set which is absolutely perfect for sending well wishes this upcoming holiday season.

I have personally purchased from TuliptreeBaby, not once but several times and have been more than completely satisfied with her amazing, quality products and fantastic customer service. You will not be disappointed to receive a TuliptreeBaby or TuliptreePapers product. They will have you coming back for more time after time again. Both of her shops are sure to become some of your new favorites.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Meet SewSuzy!

SewSuzy helped contribute to The World Trade Center United Family Group Inc by buying her daughter to be some beautiful bows from Ella-Bear Bowtique!

SewSuzy is a stay at home mother who's shop specializes in monogrammed and personalized items for the whole family! She has everything from seasonal clothing, baby shower gifts and even beautiful monogrammed pillow cases perfect for a wedding present. All of her items are very reasonably priced and very beautifully done.

My favorites are this children's apron which you can make your child feel super special by adding their name or initials.

And this super cute bib and burp cloth set. It makes a perfect baby shower gift and is so elegantly done.

She even has great seasonal items for Halloween. I just love this little pumpkin shirt!

SewSuzy is truly a one-stop-gift-shop with high quality hand made items that will suit anyone in your family. With great prices and excellent customer service this is on shop you truly cannot pass up!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I have made 4 sales so far that 100% of the profits will be donated to The World Trade Center United Family Group Inc in rememberance of September 11th 2001!

That is $21 so far in donations to be made!

I really want to get to $50 before Saturday. So please swing by my shop and purchase those cute little bows you've had your eye on for that special little girl in your life.

Purchases can be made all day today and tomorrow. I'll be adding some new bows later today so be sure to check those out as well.

Thank you for your help is making this possible!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rembering September 11th.

Seven years have passed since that fateful day when our country was attacked. But the memory, for me, is as vivid as the day it happened.

I was in my first period match class in my junior year of high school. My economics teacher ran in, out of breath, and hollar at my math teacher to "turn on the T.V.! A plane just hit the world trade center!."

My teacher fumbled with the remote to turn the television on to CNN. The room fell completely silent as we all watched the smoke rising from the tower. Then suddenly a second plane hit. Some of my classmates, myself included, were in tears. I think we all knew, without saying what this meant. That our country was under attack.

As I left my 1st hour, I rushed to my next class so that I could continue watching the coverage. As I raced through the halls you could see the looks of concern on everyone faces. I attended a school with over 2,400 students and I have never heard the hall way be so quiet before.

It was a moment that none of us will ever forget.

Unfortunately, with day to day life, we've all pushed it to the back of our minds unless it is brought up. Myself included. A lot of 9/11 charities have had their donations plummit as the years go on.

So in rememberance of that fateful day and to all there were lost I am donating 100% of all my profits from today, September 10th through Friday September 12th to The World Trade Center Family Group Inc.
Please stop by my shop and take a moment to buy a beautiful bow for that special little girl in your life. Not only will you be recieving a quality made Ella-Bear Bowtique creations but you will be helping 9/11 families in the process.

You can read more about The World Trade Center United Family Group Inc. or make a direct donation to them here:

And tomorrow please take a moment out of your day to bow your head in prayer and remember those that we lost, those that lost loved ones and those that have and are currently fighting in Afghanistan to bring the terrorists responsible to justice.