Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daddy Bear

Anyone who reads my blog or knows who I am knows that my husband is an active duty marine. What that means for my family is that sometimes he is gone for long periods of time where myself and my children do not have access to him physically, via phone, email or letter. These times can be very hard on military families especially when young children who do not understand that daddy has training missions he has to do and that is why he can't kiss them before bed each night.

To ease some of this pain for my children I decided I would purchase a special gift to come in the mail that would be from their father.
I decided to head over to Camillam's Bears and More Etsy shop and finally buy one of her amazing bears I've been drooling over.

This adorable "Semper Fi Bear" as it is so aptly named was the perfect fit. Not only would it be a special gift from their daddy but it is wearing something they directly associate with their father which is the charlie uniform.

When the bear arrived yesterday I was so excited for them to open it. When they did they were so excited to see their new bear. They were hugging and kissing him. Then I told them that it was a special daddy bear that daddy put all his kisses in so that every time they kissed the bear they were receiving a kiss from their daddy. They suddenly became very attached to the bear taking turns, reluctantly, playing with it. The daddy bear gave them each a kiss good night and they agreed to take turns sleeping with it.

Outside of the fact that this is by far the best teddy bear I have ever purchased as far as quality, attention to detail and excellent customer service goes it also gave me back my sanity.
Instead of taking me over an hour to put the kids to bed it took me all but 15 minutes to get them into bed with the daddy bear. For them it gives them a comfort that my words letting them know that their daddy loves and misses them couldn't do.

So Thank you Camillam's Bears and More. Thank you for an excellent product that exceeds all others, thank you for helping comfort my children with such a special bear and thank you for giving me back my evening!


smokeymountainscents said...

Aww. Her bears are just tooo cute. Great article.

MonsterBug Blankets said...

Awww-the bear is full of daddy's kisses! I LOVE that! Cami's bears are amazing! My kids each have one, and I'm buying one for my niece, too! I want one for me--we'll see! :)

woolies said...

Great Bear! Perfect for you and your children! It must be very difficult having your husband away for long periods of time. I cannot imagine....

(I make bears too)

natesgirl said...

too cute!

E.B. Spider said...

What a cute bear and great gift for the kids!