Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rembering September 11th.

Seven years have passed since that fateful day when our country was attacked. But the memory, for me, is as vivid as the day it happened.

I was in my first period match class in my junior year of high school. My economics teacher ran in, out of breath, and hollar at my math teacher to "turn on the T.V.! A plane just hit the world trade center!."

My teacher fumbled with the remote to turn the television on to CNN. The room fell completely silent as we all watched the smoke rising from the tower. Then suddenly a second plane hit. Some of my classmates, myself included, were in tears. I think we all knew, without saying what this meant. That our country was under attack.

As I left my 1st hour, I rushed to my next class so that I could continue watching the coverage. As I raced through the halls you could see the looks of concern on everyone faces. I attended a school with over 2,400 students and I have never heard the hall way be so quiet before.

It was a moment that none of us will ever forget.

Unfortunately, with day to day life, we've all pushed it to the back of our minds unless it is brought up. Myself included. A lot of 9/11 charities have had their donations plummit as the years go on.

So in rememberance of that fateful day and to all there were lost I am donating 100% of all my profits from today, September 10th through Friday September 12th to The World Trade Center Family Group Inc.
Please stop by my shop and take a moment to buy a beautiful bow for that special little girl in your life. Not only will you be recieving a quality made Ella-Bear Bowtique creations but you will be helping 9/11 families in the process.

You can read more about The World Trade Center United Family Group Inc. or make a direct donation to them here:

And tomorrow please take a moment out of your day to bow your head in prayer and remember those that we lost, those that lost loved ones and those that have and are currently fighting in Afghanistan to bring the terrorists responsible to justice.

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Ella, I think we can all remember the exact moment and what we were doing when we heard the news. Being a military wife at that time...I new our lives would change...and they did!

Great Post!