Saturday, September 20, 2008

Novelty Clippies

I know you've seen them around on Etsy. The various ribbon scultures/novelty clips. They're cute, unique and look difficult to make. All is true except the latter.
These clips are not difficult to make if you take time to imagine how to make the piece work so that it remains sturdy and functional for actual use in a toddler or young girls hair.

There are a lot of tutorials for sale on Etsy and other ribbon sites that charge you to learn how to make their pieces. I have never purchased any of this tutorials and I have not fashioned my clips after their designs. All of my ribbon sculpture and novelty clips were created through trial and error until I got the exact look I wanted while managing to keep the quality and sturdiness of the clip intact.

I added my first ribbon sculpture piece this past June. This was my first attempt at ribbon sculpture and it took quite a few times to get this piece right. I am more than satisfied with the product and those that have purchased it are as well.

Since this cherry piece I have added a few other to my arsenal. A pumpkin, a present and even a little tree.

I have made other items like a cat, a lolli pop and a bird but their functionality is still be tested and redone to make sure it is the highest quality to remain in tact in your daughter's hair.
I have had customers send me convos asking about the durability of my ribbon sculptures because they have purchased from other Etsy shops where the clips fell apart after the first use.
With Ella-Bear Bowtique ribbon sculptures and novelty clips you are getting a high quality product that will be able to sustain regular wear in your daughter's hair.
I do not put our ribbon sculpture that will fall apart after a few uses. My clips are built to last. If they don't pass the test then they are not put into my shop until the proper changes are made to ensure that they do.

My advice when purchasing ribbon sculpture is to contact the shop owner and ask what they do to ensure the durability of their clips. If they don't do anything or are not willing to answer because they don't want to give their secrets away I would move on to the next shop. Otherwise you just may be wasting your money on a product that won't last.

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