Friday, October 17, 2008

Making your handmade soap last longer.

I've recently jumped on the handmade soap band wagon and am thoroughly enjoying it. There is so much variety to choose from between Etsy and Hyena Cart. My two favorite soap makers right now are Mommy's Little Helper and Smokey Mountain Scents. I currently have pumpkin spice soap and kaldis dance coffee kitchen soap beside my kitchen sink. Kaldi's dance coffee soap gets all those nasty smells out of my skin from cooking like garlic and onion. The pumpkin spice gives my hands a wonderful scent that I associate with the current season. So it's a very nice balance.

But I noticed that they were leaving soap marks on my kitchen sink and I was frustrated with having to wipe it day after day. My solution to the problem came while I was browsing on Hyena Cart one day. I found these deluxe wood soap decks from Faith Acre Farmgoods.

Not only are they attractive and a fantastic price at only $4 with free shipping but they extend the life of your handmade soap by whisking water away from your soap so you don't get that filmy residue. I bought several and are now using them throughout my house to hold my Smokey Mountain Scents and Mommy's Little Helper's soaps and absolutely love them!